AS100D Product Demo


Chris George's incredible talent coupled with our stereo acoustic combo created something epic. Watch him testing the AS100D at The Marshall Theatre.

The AS100D has 2 x 8”, 50 Watt + 50 Watt, specially designed Celestion speakers and two hi fidelity polymer dome tweeters for rich clean tones and brilliant highs. Designed for a variety of different acoustic instruments, the AS100D has a range of input features, so it can accommodate instruments with magnetic pickups, piezos and microphones – passive or condenser.

There are 16 digital FX to choose from, including 10 natural sounding digital Reverbs, and a useful Anti-Feedback feature. For two pickup instruments Ch.1 and Ch.2 can be linked, so each pickup can be controlled independently.

The AS100D is the first choice for many professional acoustic musicians.



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